1. The moratorium has been lifted. quiling online is back!

  2. Amor Albano’s Oscar Birthday. I wanted to look like Marylin Monroe but ended up feeling like I was the notorious Edith Piaf.

  3. maniac


    Atty. Kris R. Ablan was chosen Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Quiling Republic in 2009. Since then, Atty. Ablan has instituted long-term projects benefiting the citizens of the Republic.

    In less than a year, he contributed the most in the advancement of the ideals of the Council with programs like Ride-A-Bike in the three kibbutzim and the Ilocos Norte Debate Cup. Atty. Ablan is currently attending a conference on ancient diaspora in Timbuktu. :)

  5. Tel me you love me

    Come back and haunt me

    I wanna rush to the start…

  6. ferinagasm:


  8. Through Ages and Ages Eternal by Conrado V Pedroche This is the winning performance of the AB English Studies students of Mariano Marcos State University. We have never lost in this event (4 championships already). I wonder if we’ll win this year. Bring it region 1!

  9. Angels in America

    This clip from the famous HBO series, specially the monologue (dream), is certainly something that never left my memory.

    "one wants… but one seldom gets what one wants, does one?"

  10. lifeinabrooklynbasement:

    One day I’ll find my place

    For all things fall in place

    For all things have a place

    In the greater scheme of things